AdMaster - Customer Agreement and Purchase links

Your purchase is not a buyout. For the payment of a License fee, you will be granted the License to use the software for the limited period of time, according to the License Agreement. 

You will be purchasing a long term license. Your license will be valid for 365 days, starting from the activation date. The license cannot be temporarily deactivated. Once the license is activated on our server, your license period is running no matter if you are using the software or not.

You will be purchasing a monthly recurring license. The monthly license fee will be automatically charged each month, using the payment method that you select. No refunds are available once the license fee is charged. The future monthly payments can be cancelled at any time. Your license will be cancelled automatically in case the monthly charge is not possible.

The trial version for the software is available as a free download. Please download and install the trial, and make sure that you are able to install and use the software before purchasing the license. By installing AdMaster and accepting the License Agreement, you accept to waive all of your cancellation and refund rights. In case of the accidental purchases, you would be able to use the software proportionally to the overpaid amount of money. No refunds of any kind are available once you make the purchase, for whatever reason, including but not limited to the accidental purchases, the activated licenses, problems with the installation, inability to integrate AdMaster with other software products, mailfunctions, bugs and errors (if found) etc.

AdMaster is licensed for a single PC computer only (CPU License). The license that you are about to purchase is valid for creating and scheduling the advertising breaks for one radio station only. However, it is OK with us if you use the exact copy of logs created by AdMaster for broadcasting on as many stations as you want.

The progressive multi-station discount will apply automatically on our purchase page.

AdMaster needs a working internet connection to automatically activate itself, and to re-check the license key each time the program is started, and/or when the traffic schedule is created/updated. When activated, a license key will work on only one computer. Please DO NOT purchase the software if a permanent internet connection is not available at the location where the software would be installed and used.

The license prices are subject to VAT and other taxes applicable to digitally downloadable product/services, in order to be compliant with the legal requirements in your country. The taxes, if applicable, are added automatically on the checkout page. The VAT customers will automatically receive the tax deductible VAT invoice. The invoices are generated and sent immediately after the purchase, to the e-mail address specified within the purchase process.

Clicking one of the purchase links below take you to the secured purchase page maintained by our payment processing provider MyCommerce/Share-It!. To make the purchase, you will be required to read and accept their Terms and conditions. Please make sure that you read everything carefully.

You would then be asked to select the payment method (Pay Pal, Credit card; depending on your country of residence, wire transfer or the additional payment methods may also be available), and you would be able to print any necessary documents as a proof of purchase (such as invoices).

Once the purchase is completed, you will receive the email with the download link and the license key. In case your selected payment method is not instant (such as wire transfer), your purchase will be completed after the payment is received.

For the long term licensing plan purchases, the download link and the license keys are sent automatically, immediately after the purchase is completed.

For the pay-as-you-go licensing plan purchases, the download link and the license keys are sent by our support staff. During daytime working hours in Central European Time zone, we usually respond instantly. Please allow up to 12 hours to receive the download link and the license key in case you are located in the time zone different than ours.

MyCommerce/Share-It! is an e-commerce service provided by Digital River company. They collect the payments securely, and transfer them to us. The credit card processing is secured, automated and we never have any access to your credit card details. Your contact details are guaranteed to be kept private. In most cases, the credit card order processing is usually automatic and instant, but sometimes can be delayed up to 24 hours, if manual intervention is required.

All the prices on our website are displayed in EUR currency. On the order page, you would be able to see the prices in your currency, converted according to daily exchange rates determined by MyCommerce/Share-it!.

I understand and agree. I want to purchase the ANNUAL LICENSE.I understand and agree. I want to purchase the MONTHLY LICENSE.
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